Fourth Floor Halloween Bake Sale

Hey guys, the Fourth Floor is having a halloween bake sale tomorrow Friday, October 28 during both lunch bands. We will be selling tasty halloween treats and would appreciate any contributions!

See you all there, don’t be a ghost!


Leadership Elections

Republicans and Democrats aren’t the only ones running for office this year! Fourth Floor is as well!¬†As some may know, some of the leaders are seniors this year, meaning now it’s the lower¬†classmen time to fill in their shoes! On Friday May 6, 2016 the club will be hosting elections for the following positions; Chief Art Director, Chief Writer Editor and Head of Fundraising and Outreach. Please come and support the delegates, or if you’re interested in running, fill out this form! We hope everyone will participate to continue all the work that the seniors have put into this community!

Good luck and see you there!

Spring Update 2016

Our Fall/Winter magazine for 2015-2016 was just released! We had lots of fun working together at lunch periods reviewing all of the submissions, designing the layout, and raising money to make it all happen. Now, we are ready to work on our Spring 2016 magazine! We are going to begin attempting to fundraise again, either through bake sales, doughnut sales, or Popsicle sales for the upcoming warm weather. Right now, we’re in the midst of getting submissions for the upcoming magazine, so artists and writers please continue to submit your work!

A Little Update!

Hey Everyone!

Get ready the 4th floor mag is coming out soon. You can expect the final copy out in late January. There will be some fundraisers coming up in the near future so get ready! Get excited! Get pumped!

Till next time,

Eli Block