The Fourth Floor Magazine collects all content through submissions. These submissions are then presented anonymously to our editorial panels, who look for work that shows polish, inspiration and attention to detail, and fits the current issue. If you would like to see your work in our magazine, follow the steps below.

Submission Rules and Requirements

  1. At least one creator of the submission must be a current or past student at the Science Leadership Academy, or Science Leadership Academy Beeber.
  2. All digital visual arts submissions must be JPG or PNG files, of a resolution of 300 dpi or higher.
  3. All writing submissions must be PDF or TXT files.
  4. No recipes or source code will be considered, unless of significant artistic merit.

Submission Methods

  1. Email
    1. Label your file with the title of your piece.
    2. Send your work to as an attachment.
  2. Manual submission (for physical artwork only)
    1. Place your artwork inside an envelope, with your name, the title of your piece, and your preferred method of return written on the envelope.
    2. Place this envelope in the Fourth Floor submissions box in the SLA main office, on the second floor.

Our submission period for the Fall 2015 issue will end Sunday, November 22.